GIBO backs country’s food security

The country’s food security programs must have the key objective of affordable and nutritious food for each and every Filipino, according to former Defense Secretary Gilberto (GIBO) Teodoro, Jr.

He said agriculture and aquaculture productivity is the key to achieve food security.

Gibo gave particular mention of the development of aquaculture projects or the farming of marine organisms for food and other products, since the Philippine area is almost 80% surrounded or contains water.

With regards agriculture, Gibo says an evaluation of farming areas must be conducted to determine and boost productivity and profitability, especially for the farmers and the community. He said capacity building for farming programs must involve local government units, municipal agriculture and agrarian reform officials.

Gibo also called for a review of agrarian reform law as it may block the livelihood growth of farmers who have invested so much time, resources and effort.

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