GIBO underscores importance of ‘blue economy’ towards food security

“Blue economy” or the use of marine resources for economic development has a major role in achieving food security, according to former Defense Secretary and senatorial candidate Gilbert (GIBO) Teodoro.

Teodoro, a former Tarlac congressman, said the Philippines, being surrounded by waters, is rich in marine resources and these should be harnessed to address the issues on food security and poverty.

He said the government should intensify its efforts to protect and manage marine resources and coastal ecosystems to increase fish stocks.

“It is truly challenging to discuss about food security if we let our marine ecosystems to be under the threat of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing while we are also facing problems on climate change,” Gibo Teodoro said.

Included in the seven-pillar political platform of Gibo Teodoro is food security and sustainability.

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