Pelayo congratulates election winners

Former Candaba mayor Jerry Pelayo said that while the election is over and the people have spoken, there were 453,408 kabalens who voted and prayed for a reform in the style of leadership.

“My fellow Kapampangans who are voiceless were the ones who came to me to speak out their desires. Even some former elected leaders who used to be serving in their towns approached me,” Pelayo said in a statement.

According to Pelayo, one of their grievances was about the ill effects of “talpakan” or e-sabong.

“I delivered the sentiments of the people to the senate. The issue on improper waste disposal and environment protection affecting the Pampanga river among others had also been raised. I am just a Kapampangan who listens to the needs of the people and I convey the message,” he said.

He also said that he has nothing personal against the Pinedas.

“I have been their ally in their good advocacy when I was still the mayor of Candaba for three terms. And never did I ask for any personal favor from them in more than a decade that I have been with the family. Instead of interpreting my preference as a “personal attack” against them, I do hope that they rather take it constructively for the betterment of their constituents,” he said.

Pelayo said he would still support any leader of the province who will push in having concrete programs for the welfare of local farmers, continue to form a true and active provincial development council, who cares about peace and order, a promoter for culinary tourism, who would personally face and listen to the needs of the people of Pampanga, and who fears the Lord.

“Moving forward, I encourage my fellow Kapampangans to pray for our newly elected officials so they may successfully lead our people and the province in the furtherance of prosperity and promotion of equal opportunity for all,” he said.

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