16-feet risen Christ statue unveiled in Betis

GUAGUA, Pampanga – A 16-foot image of the Risen Christ now stands tall at the section of Barangay Santa Ursula along the West Lateral Dike in Betis District, Guagua town.

This, after the statue’s unveiling led by the Municipal Government of Guagua and Kapampangan artist Totek Layug.

Totek and his father, Presidential Merit Awardee for ecclesiastical art Willy Tadeo Layug, donated the statue to the people of Guagua. The image is part of the Stations of the Cross along the dike area and serves as the last leg for the devotional Stations of the Cross which were also painted by Betis artists.

Local historian Francis Musni said that Barcelona-educated and budding artist Totek started the project on August 9, 2019, with the vision of sharing his art to the community and showcasing the fine artistry local talent could contribute to the art world.

“There is an existing sculpture of the Risen Christ in that area, but we wanted to show the community that we can come up with a more fitting rendition of Our Lord,” Totek said.  

The image, which rises on a view deck facing the Paglabuan Bridge, rises to a total height of 24 feet. The image welcomes commuters and motorists coming from Minalin town and has become a staple stop for bikers and joggers who frequent the dike area and its nearby eco-park daily.

The image was recently blessed by St. James the Apostle Parish priest Rev. Fr. Raul de Los Santos and unveiled by Mayor Dante Torres. The unveiling was a culminating activity for the “Camino de Santiago” activities of St. James the Great, the Apostle Parish on the occasion of its 450th foundation anniversary.

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