‘Heart and will’ fuel Wong to continue serving San Simon

SAN SIMON, Pampanga – Mayoralty candidate Leonora C. Wong assured Simonians that despite her slight physical disability, she has managed to run a decent campaign – with her heart and spirit wanting to continue what she has started in this town.

According to Wong, she “feels stronger every day”.

“The physical and mental rigors of the campaign are never an easy task. I may be seen as physically unfit with the way I walk, but my heart and will to continue what I have started in San Simon has become stronger than ever,” Wong said.

She also said the voting public of San Simon cannot be easily swayed by rumors and campaign promises, as her track record as former chief executive speaks for itself.

“Setting aside our organized and efficient campaign efforts and the unwavering support our team is getting from past political leaders and various organizations, a big percentage of our municipality’s voting populace could not be easily swayed by sheer campaign promises,” she said.

The former mayor said she herself is not fond of making promises.

“During my 9-year incumbency, I worked quietly but should I say more efficiently and have fulfilled my humble mission as municipal mayor to bring progress and economic stability to our once sleepy and deserted locale,” she quipped.

She expressed confidence that the people of San Simon, in general, should start to gain and enjoy the benefits of good governance that she instituted.

“As a result, we can now really afford to provide a more than decent public service to our people, especially to those who are in need of basic services such as health, education, steady employment and livelihood programs,” Wong stated.

According to Wong, the reason why she is seeking another term is “to ensure that majority of our constituents start to enjoy fully the fruits of our labor and successes in the past.”

“When I get the chance to serve once more, the challenge is for us to be able to institute sustainable development and progress. And this can only be done successfully if we continue to make San Simon the most conducive and business-friendly municipality not only in Pampanga but also in the entire country,” she said.