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Hilton celebrates rich culture in luncheon for MICECON 2024 delegates

Hilton Clark Sun Valley Resort and Hilton Manila celebrated cultural richness and craftsmanship as they proudly hosted the MICECON 2024 lunch today, July 11.

Guests were warmly welcomed by the General Managers of both properties, Denise Molintas and John Lucas, who emphasized the importance of community, tradition, and innovation in the hospitality industry.

In line with MICECON’s theme “Weaves”, the highlight of the lunch was a mesmerizing fashion show featuring the exquisite creations of Pidayit by renowned designer Philip Torres.

The show was brought to life by the Ayta Mag-antsi, who modeled the unique pieces with grace and pride. The designs, deeply rooted in the rich tapestry of Filipino culture, showcased intricate weaves and patterns.

Adding to the excitement of the day, a raffle draw provided guests with the opportunity to win luxurious stay vouchers at various Hilton properties across Asia.

The MICECON 2024 Hosted Lunch was a true celebration of culture, community, and hospitality, leaving attendees with a lasting impression of Hilton’s commitment to excellence and cultural appreciation.