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InLife unveils Resilience: A beacon of hope amidst life’s uncertainties

Insular Life (InLife), the country’s first and largest Filipino life insurance company, recently launched a limited-pay whole life critical illness plan named Resilience.

This innovative plan not only ensures financial security in the face of critical illness but also stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to supporting its policyholders during challenging times.

Resilience, a traditional whole life plan with a unique 10-year payment structure, provides a guaranteed lump sum cash benefit upon the diagnosis of a covered major critical illness. It also offers supplementary health benefits, marking a significant step forward in addressing the evolving needs of individuals and families in the realm of health insurance.

A testament to InLife’s concern for its policyholdersOne poignant story that showcases InLife’s genuine concern for its customers is that of Barbette A. Soliven, the Country Communications Manager of a leading global technology company, who has been an InLife policyholder for years now. Her journey is a testament to InLife’s dedication to its clients’ well-being, demonstrating how it serves as a lifeline during life-altering health crises.

“Three years ago, I was diagnosed with stage one endometrial cancer. When my ninang (godmother) learned about it, she informed me that I could get help from InLife as a plan holder,” Soliven said.

It was her godmother who acquainted Soliven with InLife’s various products, introducing her to an InLife Financial Advisor who dedicated time in addressing her various queries about the insurance plan that would best suit her and her family’s needs. Like some policyholders, Soliven forgot about her coverage a year after purchase. When her godmother learned about her health condition, she immediately informed Soliven about how InLife could help her.

“May nakuha agad ako considering na three years pa lang ako sa Insular Life. ‘Yun yung ganoong klaseng attention sa akin and then attention to the details. Siguro kung sa iba ‘yun hindi na nila napansin kasi nga hindi nila ako kinukumusta. Hindi ka na hinanap. Hindi ka na follow through or kinumusta (I immediately received my benefit, even when I have only been paying my premiums for three years. That attention they gave me and their attention to details — if it were another agency, they wouldn’t even probably follow-through or ask how I was),” Soliven said.

She added that she really felt the compassion, care, and genuine concern of InLife.

“That’s a very solid example of how InLife has helped me, kasi alam mo ‘yung tao na kumuha ng insurance tapos first three months alam mo naman yung insurance mo tapos eventually nakalimutan mo yung benefits mo. (There are people who will get an insurance plan and forget about its benefits after three months). It was a very welcome and pleasant surprise that I was able to get something from that which eventually, nagamit din naming mag-asawa (my husband and I were able to use),” she said.

Her advice to people who are still wary about getting an insurance?“Don’t wait for the need to arise before you see the importance or the value of having an insurance,” she said.

Peace of mind during challenging health situationsInLife’s Chief Marketing Officer, Gae Martinez, emphasized the pivotal role Resilience plays in helping policyholders address financial concerns associated with critical illnesses like what Soliven was diagnosed with.

“One of the things we dread in life is being sick, especially if it’s life-threatening and requires a substantial amount for treatment. This is what Resilience is for,” said Martinez.

Resilience offers three distinct variants: Resilience Critical Illness Extra, Resilience Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke (CHAS), and Resilience Female Cancers. Each variant addresses specific health concerns, providing major critical illness benefits equal to 100% of the sum insured in case of diagnosis of a major illness. Resilience Critical Illness Extra provides extensive coverage for 84 major and 39 minor critical illnesses. In addition to the major critical illness benefit, the insured may claim up to two minor critical illness benefits, each equivalent to 25% of the sum insured.

Resilience CHAS is tailored to cover the three most prevalent critical illnesses in the Philippines—Cancers, Heart Attack, and Stroke—according to the Philippine Statistics Authority.

For biologically-born women facing unique health challenges, Resilience Female Cancers offers coverage for nine specific cancer types: breast, ovarian, cervical, and endometrial cancer, uterine sarcomas, malignant mixed mullerian tumors, malignant germ cell tumors, fallopian tube cancer and leiomyosarcomas. Resilience Critical Illness Extra and Resilience CHAS, meanwhile, goes beyond the expected by providing two additional benefits: the late-stage cancer benefit and the buy-back benefit. The late-stage cancer benefit offers 15% of the sum insured upon the diagnosis of late-stage cancer. The buy-back benefit allows insureds who have previously received 100% of the sum insured to claim the full amount again upon the diagnosis of CHAS two years after the initial major critical illness diagnosis.

“A major illness diagnosis could derail one’s pursuit of a good life. Instead of losing focus, they should feel secured, knowing they have something to get them through it. Resilience should help them rise above this setback and continue on with life, knowing they have an ally,” Martinez said.

InLife’s Resilience emerges not only as a robust financial solution but also as a beacon of hope, embodying the company’s dedication to empowering individuals to face life’s uncertainties with confidence. As stories like Soliven’s continue to unfold, Resilience offers a lifeline to Filipinos navigating critical health challenges.

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