PRO3 continues monitoring vs e-sabong in CL

CAMP OLIVAS –  PRO3  director Brig. gen. Matthew Baccay ordered the continuous monitoring of possible illegal operations of e-sabong, saying those who continue to defy the suspension can face arrest and can be charged in court.

“We gave directives to all chiefs of police to see to it that all e-sabong operations are already put on hold and at the same time ensure that there are no PNP personnel engaged in e-sabong operations, either as players or as collectors of protection money,” Baccay said.

Baccay said the PNP is serious in its anti-gambling campaign and the one-strike policy on police officials will be in effect.

The Central Luzon top cop also announced that since January 1, a total of 886 anti-illegal gambling operations were launched which resulted in the arrest of 3,878 individuals and confiscation of P1,354,967 in cash bets.

“Gambling addiction like illegal drugs robs the rationality of a person both young and old as it affects both his potential and productivity. It causes a threat to the community when an individual is forced to do something to sustain his/her gambling addiction,” said Baccay.

He also issued a warning to all PRO3 personnel that those found involved in any illegal gambling activities will be meted with appropriate administrative and criminal charges.

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