PRO3 deploys 6K cops for Election Day

CAMP OLIVAS – The Central Luzon police force continues to beef up security within the region to ensure the conduct of safe and secure polls tomorrow.

Police Regional Office 3 director Brig. Gen Matthew Baccay said almost 6,000 PNP personnel coming from the different police units in Central Luzon are deployed within the region.

“We will also send out police personnel assigned to do desk work and PNP personnel undergoing schooling to the different polling precincts to increase the number of those tasked to ensure peaceful elections this coming May 9. We also have at least 700 personnel as Reactionary Standby Support Forces who are ready for deployment, if the need arises,”Baccay said.

“We continue to carry out our mandated tasks to ensure the attainment of a safe and secure 2022 elections this Monday, May 9 as we relatively remain steadfast in our anti-criminality efforts,” he added.