Rep. Bondoc hails Marcos for condonation of farmers’ debt

Pampanga Fourth District Rep. Anna York Bondoc-Sagum wears a gown designed by Mak Tumang during the SONA.

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO – Pampanga Fourth District Rep. Anna York Bondoc-Sagum lauded President Ferdinand “Bong Bong” Marcos Jr. for the condonation of farmers’ debt.

Marcos made the announcement about the farmers in the country during his first State of the Nation Address (SONA) which was attended by Bondoc-Sagum.

“We have heard Presidents helping farmers by giving them fertilizers and farm equipment. But the condonation of debt is the most progressive thing I heard from a President,” said Bondoc-Sagum.

“How much does a farmer earn? Not that much. So the condonation of debt will allow the farmers to be truly productive and successful,” she added during a press conference here.

Bondoc-Sagum urged the government to begin producing fertilizers. She added that the supply has become “rare and expensive.”

“China doesn’t want to sell their fertilizers anymore. They realize they will just use it themselves. So we got to have our own,” she said.

Bondoc-Sagum said she comes from a family of farmers, stressing they are “close to my heart.”

A lot of farmers are based in Bondoc-Sagum’s district in Pampanga.

“That’s why the condonation of debt is important as many from my district are farmers,” she said.