Teodoro wants to further devolve tripartite wages board to provincial level

Senatorial candidate Gilbert (GIBO) Teodoro said the power of setting the minimum wage should be further delegated to the provincial or city level since a regional board setup still has an extensive scope.

The former Secretary of National Defense has thus proposed to further devolve the tripartite wages and productivity board from regional to provincial or even down to the city level.

Dapat province-wide o ibaba pa. Pag-aralan natin kasi iyong regional wage board, medyo malaki na. ‘Di ba malaki na ang scope – ang development sa isang region hindi pantay-pantay,” the former Tarlac congressman and 1989 Bar topnotcher said in a radio interview with DYLA AM Cebu.

Teodoro cited the situation in Central Luzon where there are special economic zones, saying companies can afford to pay higher than the set regional wage.

The senatorial candidate under UniTeam said that a legislated across-the-board minimum wage is less flexible, as amendments to the law will be needed to increase the minimum wage.

“For me the tripartite system is the best system we know for setting wages. Naka-represent ang labor, ang management at nandiyan ang gobyerno as final arbiter,” Gibo Teodoro said.