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3 former rebels surrender in CL authorities

CAMP OLIVAS – PRO3 director Brig. Gen. Cesar Pasiwen said three former Militiang Bayan members surrendered to authorities over the weekend in Central Luzon.

Personnel of 304th MC, RMFB3 together with other concerned units facilitated the voluntary surrender of “Ka Budy,” a former Militiang Bayan courier, who turned in one revolver and four .22 live bullets

“Ka Jaime”, a former member of Militiang Bayan Iskwad Tres, surrendered to Zambales 1st PMFC, Zambales PPO, 2nd PMFC, CIDG PFU-Zambales, PIT-Zambales-RIU3, Subic MPS, together with other concerned units. 

Ka Jaime turned in one 12-gauge improvised shotgun and one hand fragmentation grenade M67.

The 1st PMFC- NEPPO, with PIU-NEPPO, 145 SAC 14 SAB PNP SAF, 22SAC, SAB SAF, Cabanatuan City police and other concerned units facilitated the voluntary surrender of former Militiang Bayan Member of LGP1, who turned in one .30 garand rifle without markings and six  live .30 bullets.

“We encourage other members of the CTGs to return to the folds of law, go back to their communities and have renewed lives,” Pasiwen said.