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Adornado ‘Holy Grail’ jerseys sold for P1.3 M

Signing authograph on the Utex jersey worn during 1980 Open Conference finals

Several Game-worn jerseys of basketball legend William “Bogs” Adornado were recently sold for P1.3 million to vlogger and businessman Boss Toyo.

The sale was made in one episode of Pinoy Pawn Stars shown in Toyo Productions youtube channel last week.

First pegged at P2 million, the jerseys, jackets, warmers, jogging pants and shoes include the 1970 RP Youth team uniform where the national team emerged as champions. The last price in the haggle went down to P1.3 million.

Traded to Utex from Crispa, Adornado led the Wranglers against Sonny Jaworski-led Toyota in that classic game where his team erased a 4-point lead in the last 16 seconds of the game to capture the crown in overtime.
The 1970 RP Youth Team warmer

The items, including his jacket given as one of PBA’s 25 Greatest Players, were preseved and taken to the store of Boss Toyo by Bobbit Ples, a friend of the 3-time PBA Most Valuable Player.

Adornado’s friend Bobbie Ples preserved the jerseys and took them to Boss Toyo.

The collection from the 10-time PBA champion also include his jersey from Crispa Redmanizers and his other former PBA teams Utex Wranglers, Great Taste and Shell. A 2000s jersey worn in a legends game was also part of the haul.

Aside from the colorful striped RP Team jacket and the famous green Redmanizer jersey, Adornado threw in the package at least two sets of his Utex uniform.

The set was worn in the classic comeback 1980 Open Conference finals game where the Wranglers overturned a 4-point deficit in the last 16 seconds of the 4th quarter to win the championship against Jaworski-led Toyota in an overtime.

Grosby shoes, almost pristine and sans cracks, make up the P1.3-million sale. Boss Toyo said the shoes would be enshrined in a museum he is now building.

Also notable are two pairs of Grosby shoes which are almost in pristine condition after 30 years. One pair is inscribed with his name and has the old logo of the PBA.

In buying the memorabilia, Toyo described the collection as a Holy Grail and said that he would put them in a museum.

Adornado signed all of the items as the deal was sealed. He made an appearance in the show and thanked Ples for preserving his jerseys.

In the show, Boss Toyo was ecstatic as he disclosed that his father would be delighted as he was a fan of the legendary player from Legaspi City.