Argus survey shows Garbo leading with 63%

A survey conducted by Argus Polls Inc. showed reelectionist Mabalacat Mayor Crisostomo Garbo being favored by 63 percent of respondents.

Following Garbo is former Mayor Marino “Boking” Morales with 33 percent, and Diosdado “Deng” Pangilinan with only 4 percent.

Argus’ question to respondents was: “If today were election day, who would you elect for the next position?”

Methods used by Argus are random sampling and face-to-face interviews of household-based respondents, most of who were from D and E classes, graduated from high school and were aged 31 and above.

Female respondents accounted for 52 percent and males 48 percent. The number of respondents represented 2 percent of voters in the barangays.

The survey has a 0.63 percent margin of error.

The same survey showed Candaba reelectionist Mayor Rene Maglanque leading with 72 percent, Aniway Baylon with 28 percent.

Reelectionist Mayor Darwin Manalansan of Floridablanca was chosen by 44 percent of respondents; Dr. Allan Policarpio, 29 percent; and former Mayor Eddie Guerrero, 27 percent.

Sta. Ana reelectionist Mayor Norberto Gamboa led by 60 percent; Reinhart Guevarra, 28 percent; and Dennis Pangan, 12 percent.

Meanwhile, Gov. Dennis ‘Delta’ Pineda was also chosen by 20,111 voters or 81 percent of the total 24,772 people surveyed in four districts of the province, covering more than 500 barangays in the province, this January.

A pre-election independent survey conducted from December 9 to 24, 2021 also showed Garbo, Vice Mayor Gerald Guttrie Aquino, and the entire council slate of Team MCG enjoyed a wide lead over their competitors.

Participants were 5,238 Mabalaqueños comprising 4% of the total voting population.

Mayor Garbo was favored by the respondents with 74.97% or 3,927 of the total votes, ahead of Marino Morales’ 20.14% or 1,055 votes. Some 3.47% were undecided while Deng Pangilinan’s got 1.28% or 67 votes.

For the Vice Mayoral race, incumbent Vice Mayor Aquino had a clear lead of 64.17% or 3,361 total number of votes over Christian Halili’s 1,630 votes comprising 31.12%. Almost five percent of the respondents were undecided.

Outgoing City Councilor Win-Win Garbo who is seeking a Provincial Board Member seat at the Pampanga Capitol led the roster with 77.11% accruing to 4,039 of the total responses. She was followed by Benny Jocson (43.62% or 2,285 votes) and Dwight Morales (35.45% or 1,857 votes).

All councilors under the Team MCG slate made it to the Top 10 cut. Leading the city council bets were Jun Castro (59.74% or 3,129 votes), Liza Pineda (53.09% or 2,781 votes), Jerry Magsino (51.36% or 2,690 votes), Cherry Manalo (51.26% or 2,685 votes), Noel Castro (45.74% or 2,396 votes), Timmy Dee (44.69% or 2,341), Marjorie Sambo (42.73% or 2,238 votes), Carlo Dizon (35.78% or 1,874 votes), Doc Cocoy Tiglao (35.57% or 1,863 votes), and Rox Peña (33.96% or 1,779 votes).

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