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Care package essentials to send loved ones via Lalamove

No matter the distance — with fast, convenient, and affordable delivery — Lalamove has proven its commitment to ensuring that users are able to show their customers and loved ones that they care.

Here are five essential items to consider in building a meticulously curated care package:

Face masks
Possibly the most basic necessity to date are face masks since it’s the simplest way people can protect themselves and their loved ones from getting sick. It may be a common item to give and receive these days, but it’s a great reminder to make loved ones feel safe and protected.

Of course, aside from wearing protective gear to combat contact with the virus, it’s a whole different battleground for when people are actually exposed. This is where one’s immunity comes into play, and the amount of vitamins one regularly takes makes all the difference in the world. 

The best thing about fruits, aside from boosting one’s immunity, is that one can consume it in different ways such as smoothies, a bowl of fruit salad, or eating them fresh from harvest. Whether someone’s sick or just looking to eat healthy, buying someone something as versatile as a basket of fresh fruits can never go wrong. 

At-home testing kits 
It’s always handy to stock up on testing kits at home, especially as people get more exposed to others from regularly going out. It’s a thoughtful gift to better prepare for emergency situations. 

When someone is sick, the last thing they want to worry about is going out to buy medicine. Relieve them of this stress by asking for the doctor’s prescription detailing the over-the-counter medicines they need, send a photo to the Lalamove driver to buy via pabili service, and include it in the package.

Make the winning move and let faraway loved ones feel special and remembered by sending this kind of package via Lalamove’s multi-stop feature to deliver up to 20 bookings in one go.

Additionally, maximize every delivery by joining Lalamove Rewards and earn Lalapoints to redeem exciting perks. Users can use earned Lalapoints to purchase care package items at Lalamove’s partner merchants such as 7/11, SM, and more. 

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