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Cebu Pacific: We empathize with passengers

Cebu Pacific, in a statement, said it empathizes with its passengers, and sincerely regrets the inconvenience that the airline may have caused.

The airline also acknowledges the difficulties and frustrations that passengers have been experiencing lately, which is primarily driven by fleet availability issues affecting the global aviation industry along with specific environmental factors. 

To address these concerns, Cebu Pacific said it has put in place initiatives to mitigate the situation:

• HEIGHTENED CUSTOMER CARE & RECOVERY – Cebu Pacific has established a disruption management team to augment ground staff and help passengers during unexpected events. Additionally, Cebu Pacific has expanded its customer service capabilities by increasing the number of live agents who can assist customers around the clock. 

It also refined our policies to give customers more options beyond what is required by the Air Passenger Bill of Rights.

• REDUCED SCHEDULED FLIGHTS – Given the sudden unprecedented number of grounded aircraft, some of which will be out of service for a considerable amount of time, Cebu Pacific reduced its flight schedule to account for the long-term unserviceable aircraft and enabling more standby aircraft on the day.

• INCREASE STANDBY AIRCRAFT — Cebu Pacific has increased its standby aircraft from three to four and will increase this to six by year-end. These aircraft can be used immediately should uncontrollable events happen on the day of flight. On top of this, they are leasing additional aircraft to further enhance operational resilience.

“We understand that these mitigating actions may still seem insufficient for our affected passengers. We assure you that we are actively managing the situation anddetermining how we can assist affected passengers,” Cebu Pacific said.

For context, Cebu Pacific has cited some of the events that led the airline to this point. 

According to the company, there is a global problem affecting the airline industry with over 120 grounded Pratt and Whitney-powered Airbus aircraft around the world. While CEB provisioned double the level of recommended spare engines as early as last year, they were advised in March 2023 that they would no longer receive the spare engines support that Pratt and Whitney had previously indicated.

Immediately upon receiving such advice, they sought to adjust flight schedules accordingly to minimize the impact. A number of flights, which were scheduled and sold months in advance, inevitably had to be disrupted.

Meanwhile CEB experienced a number of incidents such as ground damage from runway debris that created additional long-term grounded aircraft.

In total they have three aircraft grounded due to Pratt and Whitney and five aircraft long-term grounded due to the other incidents.

“We will recover the five aircraft in the months ahead but the impact of the Pratt and Whitney engine shortage is something we have to plan for a longer time period,” Cebu Pacific said.

Apart from these fleet related matters, the airline also entered the rainy season and has seen much higher occurrence of Red Lightning Alerts. This requires the suspension of all flight and ground activities at the airport. From April to June alone there have been a total of 78 Red Lightning Alerts raised, some lasting for more than two hours.

“We understand that it is our responsibility as a public service to manage these external issues and deliver on ourpromise to provide access to affordable and reliable flights. Unfortunately, the unprecedented issues we face have made it difficult to deliver on the customer promise and for this, we are deeply sorry,” the airline said.

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