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Customers can bank their way with BDO Online

BDO Unibank is reminding its customers using the old BDO Digital Banking app to transition to the new BDO Online app for an upgraded and better banking experience. 

As earlier advised, the BDO Digital Banking app will no longer be available for iOS users starting March 12, 2024.

The new BDO Online app offers many features and benefits, allowing customers to bank their way. These include:

  • Lower fees: From P25 InstaPay fees in the old BDO Digital Banking app to only P10 on the new app. Sending money to other banks and e-wallets is more affordable and easy.
  • Free BDO to BDO transfers: Sending money to another BDO account is free. The limit for transfers to another BDO account has been increased from P50,000 to P200,000 without the need for enrollment.
  • Paying bills is easy: Type in the details, confirm the transaction, and save it to favorites. Customers will not need to input the details again to pay future bills, making for seamless future transactions.
  • Convenient use of QR code: QR makes transferring, requesting, and withdrawing money more convenient. Customers can generate a QR code to withdraw at a QR-enabled BDO ATM or even send it to get someone else to withdraw for them. Card-less and hassle-free.
  • Enhanced security: It is safe and secure. Device registration and the use of PIN or biometrics to log in make it easy to use. Payments and transfers are also hassle-free, and there is no need for an OTP to confirm transactions—customers can use their PIN or biometrics. They can also get account and transaction notifications in-app or via email, helping customers keep track of account activities.

With its better interface, the BDO Online app makes viewing card details and managing accounts more convenient for users.

Both iOS and Android users are encouraged to download the BDO Online app and log in with their existing username and password. If they have any login issues, they can reset their password by tapping “Do you need help logging in? > I’d like to reset my password on the login screen.”

BDO continuously updates and enhances the BDO Online app with new features. For features not yet available, please use the BDO Online Banking website.