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Hann Foundation Inc. equips students for success with dual school projects

Ronnel T. Golimlim, RSW, Hann Foundation Manager; Dr. Helen Bose, Head/Focal for ALS, DepEd Tarlac; Ms. Janet Onagan, Talent and Culture Director of Swissotel Clark; Dr. Rhose Bartolome, District Supervisor, DepEd West Bamban; ALS Teachers; and HFI Volunteers from Hann Casino Resort, Widus Hotel, and Swissotel Clark collaborated during the School Supplies Project and the Drink Water Campaign.

Hann Foundation Inc. (HFI), the corporate social responsibility arm of Hann Philippines, Inc. (HPI), has launched two significant initiatives aimed at addressing pressing issues affecting school-aged children.

Empowering Students for a Brighter Future 

Ronnel Golimlim, HFI Foundation Manager, along with Carl Renz Nuyda, HFI Project Coordinator, Darlene Piniera, and a team of dedicated HFI Volunteers, are distributing school supplies to Ayta Elementary Students who are receiving their HFI School bags.

A flagship initiative under HFI’s Education Pillar, the endeavor seeks to combat the alarming rates of school dropouts among students, particularly in the second half of the school year. Recognizing the financial strain faced by many families, HFI is dedicated to providing essential school supplies to students from low-income backgrounds.

With the theme “Equipped for Success: Empowering Students through the School Supplies,” HFI aims to distribute basic school supplies such as notebooks, pencils, and pens to 1450 students across various schools, including Dapdap Elementary School, Banaba Elementary School, Lourdes Elementary School, San Pedro Elementary School, MALASA Integrated School, and ALS Learners from Bamban. By alleviating the financial burden on families and ensuring students have the necessary tools for academic success, HFI hopes to prevent school dropouts and empower students to reach their full potential.

The project will offer tangible resources alongside workshops, seminars, and mentorship programs, all aimed at emphasizing the significance of education and nurturing effective study habits among students. HFI collaborated with esteemed organizations like the Philippine Air Force, PEP TV, Pampanga Press Club, Swissotel Clark, Clark Water, and Hann Casino Resort, in addition to dedicated volunteers who played a crucial role in distributing and executing the project.

Promoting Hydration for Academic Success

HFI Volunteers in action, preparing the school bags. Each school bag contains a water container for the students to use.

In addition to addressing school dropout rates, HFI is also promoting healthy hydration habits among students by providing them with water containers and educational resources on the importance of staying hydrated. The campaign is in partnership with DepEd Tarlac and was further supported by the Pampanga Press Club with its donation of 1,000pcs of water bottles. 

Proper hydration is crucial for students’ cognitive function and overall well-being. By ensuring students have access to clean drinking water and encouraging them to prioritize hydration, HFI aims to improve academic performance and lay the foundation   lifelong healthy habits.

Making a Difference Together

(L) Dr. Joel Guileb, OIC-Chief SGOD of DepEd Tarlac; Dr. Rhose Bartolome, District Supervisor of West Bamban District; Ronnel Golimlim, Foundation Manager at HFI; Ana Christi Galura, Executive Director at HFI; and Mr. Ferdinand Marcos, Principal of Malasa Integrated School.

HFI Manager Ronnel Golimlim emphasized the foundation’s unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of underprivileged youth. He highlights that education and health are fundamental rights for all children, underscoring HFI’s dedication to ensuring access to both. Through the support provided for school supplies and drinking water, HFI is taking concrete steps towards breaking the cycle of poverty and empowering the next generation of leaders.

“HFI was able to provide school supplies to our members of the Indigenous People from the Ayta Mag-Antsi tribe of Bamban, Tarlac. We believe that this school supply project is one of our BOLD initiatives to improve the educational challenges and needs of the IPs,” Ana Christi G. Galura, Executive Director of Hann Foundation Inc.

“We are grateful for all the donations made by Hann Foundation. This project will greatly impact the students and inspire them not to drop out and continue with their schooling, for they will now have school supplies that they can use,” Rosalinda C. Bartolome, Schools District Supervisor of West Bamban said.