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Magalang dad opposes renaming of DHVSU

Councilor Norman Lacson

MAGALANG, Pampanga – Magalang Councilor Norman Lacson expressed opposition over the renaming of Don Honorio Ventura State University (DHVSU) to Pampanga State University (PSU), stressing that “this impulsive proposal not only threatens the proud legacy of DHVSU but also casts a dark shadow over the esteemed heritage of Pampanga State Agricultural University (PSAU).”

DHVSU is in Bacolor town while PSAU is in Magalang.

“DHVSU stands as a pillar of academic excellence, serving as a beacon of opportunity for countless students seeking knowledge, enlightenment, and empowerment. Its dedicated faculty, innovative programs, and unwavering commitment to holistic education have transformed lives and communities across our region and beyond,” said Lacson is a statement last week.

“However, the proposed renaming to Pampanga State University strikes at the heart of DHVSU’s identity and purpose. It risks erasing the unique contributions and achievements of DHVSU, relegating it to a mere footnote in the annals of educational history. Such a move not only undermines the pride and dignity of DHVSU’s students, alumni, and faculty but also threatens to disrupt the vital educational ecosystem that DHVSU has cultivated over the years,” he added.

Recently, the House of Representatives has approved on third and final reading a measure seeking to rename the DHVSU into PSU. 

Pampanga Third District Rep. Aurelio “Dong” Gonzales Jr, said the rechristening of DHVSU is the school’s answer to the “increasing challenges of modern tertiary education.”

Gonzales, who is also a senior deputy speaker, is the principal author of House Bill (HB) No. 9989.

“Moreover, the renaming of DHVSU to Pampanga State University carries with it grave implications for our esteemed Pampanga State Agricultural University (PSAU). By introducing another institution with a similar name, the distinct identity and specialized focus of PSAU are jeopardized,” said Lacson.

“This confusion could lead to a dilution of PSAU’s reputation, decreased enrollment in its agricultural programs, and potential funding challenges as resources are diverted to accommodate the newly renamed institution. Let us not forget the sacrifices and struggles of those who have labored tirelessly to build and uphold the reputation of PSAU as a premier institution of agricultural education. To allow its stature to be diminished by the arbitrary renaming of another institution is an injustice that shall not be tolerated. Furthermore, I question the motives and soundness of those who advocate for this renaming,” he added.

“Where is the consultation with stakeholders? Where is the consideration for the broader impact on our educational landscape? The lack of transparency and inclusivity in this process is deeply concerning and undermines the trust and confidence of the community in our educational governance. Therefore, I, as a guardian of our educational heritage and integrity, stand resolute in my opposition to the renaming of DHVSU to Pampanga State University,” said Lacson.

“I call upon all stakeholders to rebuff this misguided proposal and instead uphold the distinct identities and contributions of both DHVSU and PSAU. Let us honor their legacies, support their continued growth, and reaffirm our commitment to educational excellence for the betterment of our community and future generations,” he added.