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Mayor Garbo strengthens pact with SKorea for deployment of seasonal workers

Mabalacat City Mayor Cris Garbo has once again expressed his commitment to strengthen international partnerships and employment by facilitating the training and deployment of local skilled farmers to support agricultural activities in South Korea.

Under the leadership of Mayor Garbo, the local government of Mabalacat City has been known for its proactive efforts in training and deploying seasonal workers to various provinces of South Korea.

Leveraging the expertise and dedication of local farmers, Mayor Garbo has championed initiatives to provide opportunities for skilled workers to contribute to the agricultural sectors of partner LGUs abroad.

Following a recent meeting with Governor Choi Hoon Sik of Jeollabuk-do, Mayor Garbo reaffirmed Mabalacat City’s support to the agricultural industry in South Korea by sending trained and experienced seasonal workers to address labor shortages and contribute to the success of the upcoming harvest season in Jangsu-gun, which is famous for Korean beef and apples.

The partnership between Mabalacat City and Jeollabuj-do, South Korea shows the effectiveness of the city’s training programs in preparing farmers for international deployment and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. Through comprehensive training and skills development initiatives, Mabalacat City has equipped its farmers with the necessary tools and expertise to excel in diverse agricultural environments.

In his statement, the mayor said that “Mabalacat City continues to play a pivotal role in promoting cross-border cooperation and mutual growth. As preparations are underway for the deployment of seasonal workers from Mabalacat City to Jeollabuk-do, the local community stands poised to contribute its expertise and dedication to the agricultural sector in South Korea.”

📸 Sunny and Kevin Han