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Mayor Lazatin highlights key programs across sectors in 4th SOCA

ANGELES CITY — Mayor Carmelo “Pogi” Lazatin, Jr. delivered an insightful State of the City Address on June 29 at the Sangguniang Panlungsod Legislative Hall Building, providing a comprehensive overview of the city’s progress and updates on key programs across various sectors.

In the field of health, Mayor Lazatin highlighted the city’s expansion of medical facilities, efforts to improve healthcare services, including the enhancement of public health programs, and initiatives to ensure accessible and quality healthcare for all residents.

Education was another significant focus, with Mayor Lazatin discussing the city’s commitment of enhancing the educational system through infrastructure development, teacher training programs, and the provision of resources to support the academic needs of students. 

The address also touched on initiatives aimed at promoting inclusive and holistic education.

Mayor Lazatin emphasized the importance of social welfare services, detailing programs and interventions geared towards uplifting the welfare of marginalized sectors, such as livelihood assistance, skills training, and social support programs for vulnerable individuals and families.

Infrastructure development took center stage, with Mayor Lazatin highlighting ongoing and upcoming projects aimed at improving transportation networks, road infrastructure, and public facilities. 

These initiatives are designed to enhance connectivity, promote economic growth, and provide a more convenient and sustainable living environment for residents.

Mayor Lazatin also underscored the city’s commitment to environmental programs, sharing updates on initiatives to address climate change, promote sustainable practices, and preserve the city’s natural resources. 

Efforts such as waste management programs, tree-planting campaigns, and environmental awareness campaigns were highlighted.

Lastly, Mayor Lazatin reaffirmed the city’s unwavering commitment to combating illegal drugs. 

The address outlined the progress made in the fight against drugs, including the implementation of rehabilitation programs, community-based initiatives, and collaborations with law enforcement agencies.

The State of the City Address provided an opportunity for Mayor Lazatin to engage with Angeleños, stakeholders, and government officials, fostering transparency and accountability in local governance. 

It showcased the city’s accomplishments and outlined plans for the future, demonstrating the administration’s dedication to the overall development and well-being of Angeles City and its residents.