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MCG calls for unity to serve Mabalaqueños after BSKE

MABALACAT CITY — In the spirit of progress and harmony, Mayor Crisostomo Garbo is extending a heartfelt message of unity and cooperation to the newly elected barangay officials and those who contended in the recent elections.

Garbo is urging them to come together and serve the city’s residents to the best of their abilities and in their respective capacities.

Recognizing the significance of unity in fostering positive change and development, Mayor Garbo emphasized the importance of setting aside differences and working towards a common goal – the welfare and advancement of Mabalaqueños. Regardless of political affiliations or past rivalries, he is urging the elected officials and contenders to embrace a spirit of collaboration and mutual respect.

“Our city is at its best when we stand united and work together for the betterment of our beloved Mabalacat,” Mayor Garbo expressed. “I call upon all the barangay elect winners and contenders to set aside personal interests and prioritize the welfare of our constituents. Let us move forward as one, harnessing our collective strengths and talents to create a city we can all be proud of.”

Mayor Garbo believes that a huge part of the success of Mabalacat City lies in the hands of its dedicated leaders and their commitment to public service. He is encouraging them to engage in open dialogue, constructive discussions, and collaborative decision-making processes that will benefit the entire community. By embracing a shared vision and unwavering dedication, MCG believes they can overcome challenges and accomplish remarkable feats for the betterment of Mabalaqueños.

Furthermore, MCG is reminding the elected officials and aspirants of the deep-rooted love they share for their city. According to the mayor, Mabalacat City is not just a place on the map; it is a community built on the dreams, aspirations, and resilience of its citizens.

He is calling upon them to channel their love for the city into actions that will uplift its residents, improve public services, and create a prosperous future for all.