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Mekeni rolls out newest treat: Hungarian Sausage

PORAC, Pampanga – Following its series of success in various types of processed food products, Mekeni Food Corporation recently added a new line – Hungarian Sausage.

A special product in the repertoire of hotdogs and sausages bannered by the Picnic Hotdog, Mekeni’s Hungarian Sausage will cater to the discriminating Filipino palate.  It comes in two pack sizes: 200 grams (2 pieces) and 500 grams (5 pieces).

The Hungarian Sausage is an offering for moms-on-the-go who are looking for a new treat for the whole family, with great taste and value for money as top considerations.  It will be made available at major wet markets in Luzon, Mekeni food outlets and Mekeni Home2Home Delivery. 

“This new product is part of our pursuit to provide quality food products, with the Filipino market in mind. We have brought the price to reasonable ranges but it does not in any way sacrifice quality and taste,” Mekeni President Pruds Garcia said.

Staying true to it vision of being a world-class meat manufacturer, Mekeni is relentless in providing high-quality and tastefully prepared #TimplangAtin products here and abroad.

This latest offering comes at the heels of successful recent launching of Halal hotdogs, chicken longganisa and chicken tocino in Qatar, as well as the high patronage of its fishballs, kikiam and other marine products here and abroad, especially in the United States.

Aside from the US and Qatar, Mekeni products are now available in the UAE, Canada, Australia, Bahrain, Brunei, The Netherlands, and New Zealand.