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SFELAPCO posts P9.63/kwh as lowest power rate in October 

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO — The San Fernando Electric Light and Power Company (SFELAPCO) announced that its October power rate has been set at an unexpectedly low P9.63 per kilowatt-hour (/kwh). 

This positive news comes as a relief to consumers in the franchise areas of Floridablanca and the City of San Fernando.

Traditionally, power prices tend to increase during the last quarter of the year as major oil and coal importing countries prepare for the winter season.

However, unforeseen market factors have bucked this trend, resulting in a decline in power rates for the past three months.

SFELAPCO sees this as an opportunity to continue providing lower power rates to its consumers when it was expected to rise.

“Our commitment to offering lower power rates, even when expected to rise, reflects our transparency and dedication to providing affordable and reliable energy to our customers,” SFELAPCO stated. 

SFELAPCO’s commitment to maintaining lower power rates demonstrates its dedication to serving its customers ethically and transparently. The company aims to alleviate the economic challenges faced by its consumers by consistently seeking opportunities to reduce costs and pass on the savings.