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Yelling man, resto staff involve lawyers ‘for possible settlement’

A few days after the video of a man hurling invectives at a restaurant staff has been taken down, the two parties have “involved their lawyers for a possible resolution”.

This was according to Clark Development Corporation director Nicolette Henson, when asked about updates on the “yelling incident” which transpired in Clark a few days before New Year.

As a follow up, CDC through Henson, was asked about results of its investigation.

In the video which has been taken down, the man, identified later as Engr. Renato Mendiola, was seen enraged after a restaurant staff asked him to stop smoking inside the establishment.

Mendiola berated the staff for being just an employee, all the while identifying himself as a businessman inside the Clark Freeport.

Meanwhile, national TV stations have also picked up the story, while netizens expressed shock over the incident, the video of which went viral.

After the incident, Mendiola reportedly sought the assistance of the CDC Public Safety Division to reach out to the victims for a settlement and to persuade them to delete the video.

However, the victims initially stated that they would think about it and consult each other for their final decision.

The CDC also issued a statement saying it is maintaining a strict “zero-tolerance policy towards such (yelling) behavior”, adding that ensuring the safety and well-being of all parties involved is of utmost importance to CDC.