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581 scavengers get medical, financial aid from Capitol

Vice Governor Lilia “Nanay” Pineda assures scavengers that the provincial government will always be open to attend to their medical needs. (Pampanga PIO)

LUBAO, Pampanga – Some 581 scavengers from the province’s 2nd District received financial, medical, and food assistance from the provincial government at the Lubao Municipal Gym on Wednesday. 

“Buri ku, bayu ku mag 85, panamdaman yu kung makananu kaming magserbisyung Governor Dennis (Before I turn 85, Governor Dennis and I would like the Kapampangans to feel the real essence of governance),” Vice Governor Lilia Nanay Pineda said.

According to VG Nanay, Governor Delta ordered financial, food and medical assistance to vulnerable sectors such as the scavengers, dialysis patients and marginalized farmers.

“Papatipun na kayung Governor Dennis kasi inyang migkaCOVID-19, marakal Kapampangan deng tinuknang magtake kareng maintenance meds da kasi ala lang panyali,” she explained.

The Vice Governor said medical missions like this are intensified to immediately locate, assess, and cure Kapampangans with sickness before they get worse.

She appealed to the Kapampangans to take advantage of the said health program as Governor Delta plans to bring the medical missions closer to the barangays.

Vice Governor Lilia “Nanay” Pineda entertains some scavenger-beneficiaries on Wednesday at the Lubao Municipal Gym. Accompanying her is Second District Board Member Fritzie David- Dizon. (Pampanga PIO)

“Marakal kami pa pung e apuntalan Governor Dennis. Asahan yu pu pagsikapan mi pung asopan reng ngang mangailangan,” the vice governor added.

The other day, some 905 scavengers from the first, third, and fourth districts also received the same assistance at the Bren Z Guiao Convention Center.