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Beautéderm founder ventures into ice cream business

Beautéderm founder and president Rhea Tan announced her latest business venture — an ice cream brand.

She led the grand opening ceremony with son Adam Kenneth Tan, daughter Audrey Kirsten Tan, and Beautéderm endorser Gillian Vicencio last April 6 at the Beautéderm Headquarters in Angeles City.

“I’ve never been the type of woman to do only one thing. I love discovering new things, innovating, and expanding. The newly-launched business is perfect this summer, offering a delightful experience,” shared Tan.

The female entrepreneur also shared that her son Adam Kenneth will manage the ice cream business. She proudly said, “I fully trust him. I told him to enjoy this opportunity, express his creativity, and practice his entrepreneurial skill set.”

According to the business magnate, this ice cream brand which she franchised is a well-known brand in the Philippines. It has been around for more than 20 years now and has established itself as a beloved soft serve ice cream brand in the country.

The brand offers 80% less sugar soft serve ice cream flavors like chocolate, vanilla, avocado, and mango, as well as more unique and local flavors such as ube, coconut, and many more.

“Filipinos love ice cream in all forms. This has long been part of our culture, especially during summer. One thing nice about this brand, it has less sugar. This is a healthier option for everyone.”

She added, “I’m grateful for the blessings. Let’s continue to innovate and give more people jobs.”