Growth Corridors along SCTEX pushed


ANGELES CITY – Top businessman and Central Luzon advocate Rene Romero has reiterated his call for the development of growth corridors along the Subic Clark Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX).

Romero, a long-time member of the Regional Development Council, said that there is always room for development and progress in Pampanga, particularly in areas that are parallel to SCTEX.

“With Clark being said to be saturated and that there are no more lands for lease to investors, there is a vast portion in Pampanga that is ripe for development,” he said.

He identified the hilly portions where SCTEX traverses in the adjoining towns of Porac and Floridablanca that are suitable for tourism and agriculture projects. The flat lands on the opposite side, he said, will be ideal for light industries.

“The government must take a closer look at these areas and probably come up with the best agreements such as joint venture where these lands can be utilized for investment and livelihood opportunities,” Romero said in an interview.

With a new administration set to commence by June 30, he said that he is hoping that this project, as proposed from many years ago, would be given another look.

“We are glad that former President Arroyo has always been around to lead the development programs and projects for Pampanga and Central Luzon. This proposal, I believe, is also aligned to her megalopolis vision.

“This will also boost efforts to push for greater progress of Clark, Subic and the towns and cities surrounding these Freeports,” Romero said.

Romero is one of the founders of Advocacy for the Development of Central Luzon, a multi-sectoral group that has been instrumental in pushing for projects in infrastructure, environment protection, and economic development.

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