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Lasik, the generational must-have treatment

Allysa Anne, also a medicine student, with Dr. Raoul Henson after the 20-minute procedure at Lasik Surgery Clinic, AUF Medical Center

Not necessarily making one look better, but it definitely makes you see clearer.

The Lasik treatment I had 14 years ago is, and will always be, highly recommended.

On December 22, my very own daughter Allysa Anne, also got her treatment. Or should I say her Christmas present.

The Freedom

She has long wanted to free herself of eyeglasses but contact lenses are quite tedious and uncomfortable for her.

A nurse at LSC administers eye drops in preparation for the procedure

Soon after she passed the screening — for corneal thickness and retinal clearance — i just saw that excitement in her. Just like me before, I couldn’t wait for the day to get rid of thick spectacles.

The morning after the procedure, that face got all the more prettier with smiles. Aglow it became. Satisfaction and happiness became her.

“For the first time, i can read shampoo and soap labels without glasses while getting ready to bathe,” she said.

Of course, normally, we don’t shower with eye glasses. Unless one is really almost blind and thus needs to keep them just to be sure shampoo gets picked over cleaning solutions.

The Facility. The Doctors

AUFMC’s Lasik Surgery Clinic offers not just the best and most modern equipment. But it’s staff of highly competent and efficient nurses, optometrists and other assistants compelement the treatment facility. It is THE ONLY ONE in Northern and Central Luzon.

The doctors? Ahhh, that same professionalism, excellence and expertise exudes from them. That same firebrand that I saw 14 years ago in industry experts — Dr. Carlomagno Torres, Dr. Andrew Angeles and Dr. Raoul Torres. The trio of gentlemen-physicians that performed Lasik on me in their first year of operations at my alma mater.

Dr. Raoul Henson with Allysa Anne, Annette and Noel Tulabut

Dr. Henson, accommodating, reassuring and coool as he always is, did the procedure on Allysa. It’s a walk in the park for him, manifesting only mastery and preciseness in the 20-minute procedure (it was 40 during my time). Good looking too with his well-built and nicely toned physique. He is an athlete (a rare triathlete at that) for emulation in the medical practice.

The writer and Allysa Anne with the highly esteemed Dr. Carlomagno Torres. Multi-generational treatment takes place only with expert and trusted doctors

Dr. Carlomagno, whom I havent seen for quite some time, is one of my favorite doctors. Thanks to four decades of consultations with him that just gives me great vision. Up to this day and age (nope, i wont reveal my age but I’m way over 40 the age for reading glasses), I seldom wear a pair to read text messages, memos, letters. I am of little choice though for prolonged reading like books and magazines that interest me.

The writer with Dr. Andrew Angeles.

Dr. Andrew Angeles, ever soft spoken, I must emphasize is a doctos’ poster boy for gentlemen.

During my daughter’s screening and the procedure day proper, I was told that those undergoing treatment are now mostly the sons and daughters of a lot of doctors.

Highly competent and professional nurses and doctors at LSC

So, after 15 years of existence, LSC is now into treatment of second and next generation patients. I’m not surprised at all by that. Even if that may seem how Torres, Henson and Angeles seem to be getting older, that is just a testament to the accuracy, comfort and benefit that they and the center bring.

Lasik, if it worked for me and my daughter, would surely work for many people in this generation and the next.


The Lasik Surgery Clinic at AUFMC offers a 25 percent promo discount.