Bayanihan Media Awards National Winner

Ode to Women

(A praise for March 2024 Woman’s Month)

Each leaf descend till there is none,
Will never hold not even one;
Till body dried when day is done;
Picture of death like life is gone.

Cold breeze of snow it must endure,
Unclothed , exposed , so bare and nude;
Alone must live the life unsure;
Though lashing storm, yet still be pure.

Endured and braved until its end,
nine moons to bide and not to bend;
From harm the sprout it can defend;
When spring shall come , life will not end.

An autumn tree woman shall be,
Must cut a flesh for life to be;
Go through dire pain just for to thee
To carry through that light may see.

Her life was formed in slumber deep,
Bone of my bones while in his sleep;
A joy in heaven the Master’s reap
Thy art forever in her creep.

O woman plucked by Maker’s hand,
Never your place should be behind;
You are the craft of Divine wand;
Forever praise shall all we stand.


Ed’s Note: Dr. Alvaro is currently the President of Wesleyan University-Philippines. He is also a director of Clark Investors and Locators Association and Head of World Medical Relief-Philippines and Asia. A business, church and community leader, and book author, he still devotes time to compositions for family and friends.