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Converge FiberXers: Appointing public official as Team Governor not political

The management of Converge FiberXers said the appointment of a public servant in the PBA Board of Governors would not necessarily make it “political”.

Converge FiberXers team owner Dennis Anthony Uy has called on the Philippine Basketball Association to “overhaul and change” policies after the PBA Board has rejected the appointment of Pampanga Governor Dennis “Delta” Pineda as its team governor.

He said that the league should consider changing the policy of having the PBA Board approve the appointment of team governor of member teams.

“I think it’s about time to overhaul and change the policy,” Uy lamented.

The team “received with deep regret” the decision of the PBA Board of Governors not to accept the appointment of Pineda as the representative of the Converge FiberXers to the Board.

“Just as other PBA leaders past and present worked tirelessly for PBA’s success, Governor Pineda will undoubtedly do the same for the league, if not more,” the FiberXers said in a statement.

In view of this, Converge said it is urging that this policy be revisited or, at the very least, more liberally interpreted so as not to negate the owner’s prerogative and for the betterment of the PBA and Philippine basketball.

The management expressed belief that new ideas, fresh perspectives, and better and stronger competition which Gov. Pineda would definitely bring to the PBA could only attract a wider, bigger fan base for its players and the league.

“Not only do we continue to believe in every owner’s prerogative to appoint his representative to the Board, we also advocate openness and less rigidity so that this prerogative can be reasonably and judiciously upheld in the face of clear, compelling reasons for why a Delta Pineda sitting in the PBA can only make PBA stronger and its fans better served,” the statement further reads.