Lubao mayor files for re-election

RE-ELECTION BID. Pampanga Gov. Dennis Pineda raises the hands of Lubao Mayor Esmeralda ‘Esmie’ G. Pineda (left) and Vice Mayor Jay B. Montemayor (right) as a show of support to their re-election attempts. The officials have filed their respective certificates of candidacy on October 7, 2021. (Contributed Photo)

LUBAO, Pampanga — Mayor Esmeralda “Esmie” G. Pineda will be seeking re-election for the top political post in this town.

Pineda, along with Vice Mayor Jay Montemayor, have filed their respective certificates of candidacy on October 7 at the local Commission on Elections office.

Governor Dennis Pineda, younger brother of the mayor, accompanied them in the filing and raised both of their hands to signify his support for the two officials.

Municipal election supervisor, Nilo Miguel, received the COCs of the officials who will be running once again under the local political party, Kambilan.

Mayor Esmie and Montemayor are both on their first term as local officials, having run unopposed in the 2018 local elections under the same party.

The incumbent officials’ political mettle had been tested by the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Aside from continuous relief efforts, the municipal government extended assistance to students through internet expenses subsidy and school supplies.

Mayor Esmie’s administration centered around programs on health, infrastructure development and tourism—a replication of the style of governance under Gov. Pineda and that of her mother, former governor and now Vice Governor Lilia “Nanay” Pineda.

The mayor’s leadership style is also evident of her business savvy, having operated various family-owned corporations before being drafted to local politics.

Under her watch, the local government unit poured resources for the construction of roads, rehabilitation of classrooms and redesign of the Lubao Bamboo Hub and Ecopark, the town’s famous tourist spot.

Mayor Esmie is also overseeing the development of the people’s park in front of the new municipal hall, which will soon be, itself, a tourist attraction and place for business.

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