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SFELAPCO to telcos, utilities: Use power posts with caution

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO — The San Fernando Electric Light and Power Company (SFELAPCO) is emphasizing the importance of caution and adherence to regulations when telecommunications and utility companies utilize power posts. 

This reminder comes after reports of mild grounding and faulty installations near electric posts, which has been causing blame to fall upon SFELAPCO.

SFELAPCO urges utility companies with whom it has a joint pole agreement (JPA) to strictly follow regulations for the installation and maintenance of cables and telephone wires on existing power posts. 

The incidents of mild grounding on residential houses have been investigated and found to be caused by faulty installations by cable or telecommunications technicians.

“We are continuously reminding utility installers to exercise caution when utilizing electric posts. It is unfortunate that we are being blamed for these incidents, but we are committed to ensuring the safety of our customers,” SFELAPCO said.

Electricity on power posts that distribute power to residential customers are usually significantly lower in voltage compared to transmission lines. However, this does not reduce the potential hazards associated with mishandling these posts. 

Improper installation or maintenance can still lead to serious injuries or even death, SFELAPCO said. 

SFELAPCO highlights the importance of properly training technicians or third-party installers from cable or telecommunications companies in handling electric posts. 

“It is crucial that these professionals are knowledgeable about the risks and safety measures involved. By being diligent and cautious throughout the process, potential hazards can be minimized, ensuring the safety of both the installers and the customers,” the power firm stressed. 

SFELAPCO encourages telecommunication and utility companies to prioritize safety and adhere to the protocols set in place. This includes equipping technicians with the necessary knowledge and skills to install and maintain cables and telephone wires on power posts safely. 

It also issued a warning to cancel the joint pole agreement if any further trouble similar to this will happen again. 

It also emphasized the need for continuous training and updates to ensure that installers are aware of best practices and any changes in regulations.

SFELAPCO also thanked customers and the general public for promptly reporting concerns on its power lines stressing that these lead to better service and prevention of untoward incidents.  

“We dedicated to working with telecommunication and utility companies to improve safety practices and minimize potential hazards. Through collaboration and open communication, the power company aims to create a safer environment for both customers and service providers,” SFELAPCO said.